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Mobile application security

Secure App Development

  • Identify & Fix Issues and Vulnerabilities
  • Achieve Compliance Goals - GDPR, CCPA
  • Integrate with your development workflow: CI/CD module for Jenkins, Bitrise; API, JIRA

Third party app security analysis

Consultancy & 3rd Party Apps

  • Check Android, iOS apps without source code
  • White-Labelled results available for Consulting
  • Secure Your Mobile Infrastructure with MobileIron threat detection integration

Decompile apps, Reverse engineer apps

Digital Forensics, Government

  • Data Flow & In-Depth Analysis
  • Identify Data Storage, Keys & Sensitive Data
  • Logging Network & System Activities
      & more

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Secure App Development

Secure your app, Fix vulnerabilities, Comply with Regulations: Now with Jenkins, Bitrise and JIRA integrations



Secure your applications and prevent vulnerable releases by integrating vulnerability analysis into your building workflow - You may:

  • Get started quickly and start analyzing your apps instantly using our GUI
  • Use our CI/CD integration modules to automatically test your releases: Jenkins or Bitrise
  • Use our REST API to build custom integrations, implement batch processing easily

Accessing your source code is not required - App-Ray implements various automated reverse engineering methods (such as decompilation and disassembly) to reveal what's inside your application. This approach allows App-Ray to analyze your Third-Party SDKs, libraries and other components as well.


Actionable results, Solutions & How to Fix Guides

Analyzing the results of reverse-engineering will tell you where exactly in your code or your libraries, SDKs there is a potential vulnerability found. In most cases you will see which class/method definition is flawed, or, with obfuscated apps, we will provide you the closest findings available.

Once a threat finding is validated, the next step is to find Solution or Remediation - simply put, decide how to fix the problem. App-Ray delivers background information, links to OWASP Mobile guidelines, CVE-vulnerability database entries, Google, Android and Microsoft-recommendations and industry-standards - allowing any member of your technical team to have a deeper understanding of the issue: this means, security expertise is not required in order to use App-Ray.

Many findings will also give you examples of a more secure code solution - code snippets which will guarantee elevated level of security for your app. You will gain insights about security best practices while using App-Ray, allowing you to create safer software over time.

App-Ray threat finding

App-Ray threat finding


Integration with your Building Workflow: CI/CD integration for Jenkins & Bitrise

With App-Ray you can secure your applications by adding automated vulnerability analysis into your building process. Our Jenkins and Bitrise security step modules provide a seamless and convenient way to run security evaluations of your application in your building workflow, before it is released.


Adjust risk score tresholds, define which critial issues you want to avoid - App-Ray will work well with your existing steps and provide a straightforward PASS/FAIL result, according to your requirements. Learn more about Jenkins and Bitrise by clicking the relevant links here.


Alternatively, you can use our REST API which provides an automatized and customizable way to perform automated analysis whenever you need it, and trigger further actions if issues are detected - in order to help you prevent faulty or vulnerable releases.

App-Ray Jenkins integration

App-Ray Bitrise integration



Compliant Mobile Apps - GDPR, CCPA, Datenschutz, ISO 27000 in focus

With GDPR it is now the service provider's responsibility to apply strict data protection rules, not only yourselves but also the subcontractors and other third parties receiving PII - Personally Identifying Information.

App-Ray provides detailed data management reports, allowing you to document what happens with the user data entered. Data storage measurements, data traffic over network and third parties receiving data will all be identified and analyzed.

Use these reports to document your compliance, prove your measurements and prevent any sensitive data leaks.



Consulting & Third-Party Apps in your infrastructure

App-Ray analyzes any application binary files, accessing the source code is not required. This allows you to check any third party app - or application created in outsourced development - from security point of view. All components, including SDks and libraries will be analyzed.

This eases and speeds up the work of independent consultants, since an analysis session, consisting of multiple checks, can be done in minutes, saving significant time for you. The findings are documented and can be exported in digitally signed PDF format; White-labelled results are optionally available.

Are you a Consultant? Let's find a way to support your work:
App-Ray Consultancy Support



Mobile Device Management, MDM / EMM

Such capabilities also enable App-Ray to operate as an app-vetting solution:

  • Analyze any application within your infrastructure in minutes, receive real-time threat insights,
  • Set up security rules for your devices
  • Prevent malicious apps from being installed
  • Learn about vulnerabilities in your own or 3rd-party applications
Contact us to learn more about our MobileIron/Ivanti MDM integration:



Government & Digital Forensics

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Case Studies

Learn how companies and institutes around the world benefit from App-Ray's security analysis tool

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