Secure & Compliant Apps Secure & Compliant Apps
Static and Dynamic Security Testing of Android and iOS Applications

Source Code not required

SDKs, 3rd-Party Libraries also analyzed

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Features Security vulnerabilities and privacy issues App-Ray can find

App-Ray Static Analysis (SAST) and Dynamic Analysis (DAST) provides actionable results with 80+ types of security vulnerabilities, data management and privacy issues to identify - such as:

  • privacy leak, user data leak, leaky permissions - using data flow and network traffic analysis
  • vulnerable SDKs, libraries, or contains phone virus, malware, trojan
  • insecure communication on the network, improper SSL - TLS security settings
  • encryption-related issues, insufficient cryptography
  • insecure data storage, local database - SQL injection issues
  • hybrid app-related problems (unsafe WebView, Webview hijacking & more)

Use App-Ray Automated Analysis features in order to:

  • ensure your code and SDKs are secure
  • protect your user data, prevent sensitive data leaks
  • make your app GDPR-compliant, CCPA-compliant, HIPAA-compliant or PSD2-compliant


Use cases App Development, Consultancy & More

Mobile application security

Secure App Development

  • Identify & Fix Issues and Vulnerabilities
  • Achieve Compliance Goals - GDPR, CCPA
  • Integrate with your development workflow: CI/CD module for Jenkins, Bitrise; API, JIRA

Third party app security analysis

Consultancy & 3rd Party Apps

  • Check Android, iOS apps without source code
  • White-Labelled results available for Consulting
  • Secure Your Mobile Infrastructure with MobileIron threat detection integration

Decompile apps, Reverse engineer apps

Digital Forensics, Government

  • Data Flow & In-Depth Analysis
  • Identify Data Storage, Keys & Sensitive Data
  • Logging Network & System Activities
      & more

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Problems to solve Challenges App-Ray can help you with

  • Are there security problems or backdoors in my apps? Would it pass a test against Mobile App Security Checklists like OWASP?
  • Are the 3rd party SDKs, libraries I use safe?
  • How to assess and document the security features of an application?
  • Do my apps comply with regulation - e.g. ISO 27000, Datenschutz, HIPAA, CIST, GDPR, CCPA, PDP, PCI DSS, PSD2 ?
  • Can I trust unkown apps with BYOD implemented?
  • Can I verify security of outsourced development?

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