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IoT Security Securing the Internet of Things

IoT tools and gadgets are an innovative way to introduce more smart tools in various areas - however, IoT devices are rather not built with security in mind, leading to potential vulnerabilities in a multiple device system. In the majority of cases, there is no way to install security software on the device itself. In addition, they sometimes ship with malware on them, which then infects the network they are connected to.

IoT may be involved in industrial machines, smart energy grids, building automation and various personal IoT devices individuals may use at work or at home. This range of devices can pose security risks that can threaten your business.

Security in IoT is the act of securing Internet of Things devices and the networks they’re connected to. By using an automated security analysis tool for IoT firmware, you can not only examine the IoT device’s firmware for vulnerabilities, but also verify the compliance with international security standards – without requiring access to source code, network or physical access to the IoT device.

Get professional help with securing IoT devices and IoT-related infrastructure:

  • Detailed firmware analysis and compliance checks without access of source code
  • Training and consultancy also available in this sensitive area of innovations

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